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Iskan Loans
Loans granted by banks in collaboration with the PCH (Public Corporation for Housing). Usually Lebanese citizen or residents with a monthly income varying between LL600,000 and LL 6,750,000 are eligible. The purchased house must be located at least 25 Km far from the property owned by the beneficiary and the purchased house area must be maximum 200 square meters. The maximum amount can be LL270 million reimbursed over 30 years
BDL Subsidized Loans
Loans that are granted by banks and with lower interest rates with the help of the Lebanese Central Bank. These loans usually cover up to 75 percent of the property value for Lebanese residents and 60 percent for expatriates with limited loan amount.
Bank Loans
Different housing loan packages offered by each bank. The criteria and conditions of such loans are very different from one bank to another.